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Special Events

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held at the

German-Austrian Australian Club (Wodonga) Inc.

Over the last few years the Club has had a number of visiting bands from Germany and Austria

In 2009 we had the pleasure of a visit from the



In 2010 the guest band was the 

"Die Schmalzler" 



In 2012 we had the

"Die Kreuzberg-Rebellen" 


This year 2013 we had the

"Die Odradn"


All the above bands were bought to Australia by Mr Sepp Schauer pictured below being thanked by Club's President Roswitha K.Oeser for bring the band to Australia

with each visiting band there is a lot of work behind the scenes one person that has been with most bands has been Mr Walter "The Red Baron" Mair. He Provides the equipment for the bands and plays between breaks. he is pictured below  playing the electronic keyboard during a break in the "Die Odradn" Concert. 


Hopefully we will get a few more visiting bands


2015 saw us being entertained by another Austrian Band

the Laterndl-trio


Sorry to announce the death of Mr Sepp Schauer

Sepp worked for many years bring overseas bands and entertainers to German Austrian Clubs in Australia.

It will be hard to find another person willing to put the time and energy into the task



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