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The Clubs External Improvements since reopening in 2006

This was how the front of the club looked in October 2006


Within 12 months it was noticed how dangerous the front steps were and the committee had them replaced with a full width concrete ramp to the top of the steps.

This is how the the front looked  after the ramp was installed Picture taken October 2010


Our next project was the sealing of the Car Parks which occurred early 2013 during the Christmas Break

This is how the club looks October 2013


In the third picture you'll notice the pine trees planted around the East Carpark.

It might take a few years but once grown the trees will give the Clubhouse grounds a continental look

2013 and 2014 the Volunteers that look after the grounds have have tried to make the grounds as maintenance free as possible.

German-Austrian Australian Club (Wodonga) Inc. A0019325P   2013