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of the

German-Austrian-Australian Club (Wodonga)



        Updated & revised at the 24th May, 2008 Committee Meeting

And approved AGM 2008 where stated,

Amended at the 1st Nov 11 Committee Meeting

Amended at the 1st Sep 2014 Committee Meeting approved 2014 AGM


1.   Nominations for the new committee shall close at 6.00pm on the Friday evening sixteen days prior to the AGM. The names of the nominees shall at that time be listed and placed on display on the notice board for perusal by members.



1.   The central committee (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) have the authority to make decisions concerning the every day operation of the club, provided that these decisions are not contrary to existing rules of the constitution or by-laws. (approved AGM 2014)

2.   Committee meetings shall be held on the Saturday of each month before the BBQ, beginning at 2.30pm.

3.  At the end of each committee meeting, the time and date of the next committee meeting shall be announced. This shall be accepted as appropriate notification.

4.   If a committee meeting time or date is changed, rule 33.d of the constitution shall be observed.

5.   No two members of the same family shall be nominated for executive positions (approved AGM 2008)

6.   It is the president's privilege to invite a visitor or guest to have a free drink. The retail cost price of the drinks shall be recorded and supported by the club. Documentation of the visitor or guest name(s) is not required.

7.   At committee meetings, committee members are entitled to two free drinks.

8.   Planning of club functions should consider the date in relation to the AGM. This is to allow the new committee sufficient time to make the final arrangements needed for that function.

9.   A member from each sub group be invited onto the committee if there is not already one elected. (1st Nov 2011)



1.   Amendments to the constitution, unless of an urgent nature, shall be accumulated through the year for presentation at the Annual General Meeting.



1.   While behind the bar, bar staff are to Comply with all RSA regulations. Also they shall be dressed in an appropriate manner,

2.   Bar prices cannot be altered without committee approval.



 1.  There are two classes of key:

      A.  High security, which are of two types: building entrance, which includes personal security code, and bar access. These keys shall be issued to persons where appropriate and only by authority of the Club Manager.

        B.  Low security, which includes all others. These keys shall be issued to persons for personal use in the course of their duties.

2.      High security keys can only be obtained with a written order signed by the President, or Secretary, or Treasurer.


Key Security:

All spare high security keys shall be held only in the office safe.

  1. Only one of each low security key shall be kept in the office key cabinet for use when required.
  2. All spare low security keys shall be kept in the office safe.
  3. A complete set of bar keys shall be kept in the office safe (fitted with an identifying tag) for access to the bar in emergency situations only.
  4. All keys shall be supplied to the holder on receipt of a signature in the Key Register, kept with the Books of Minutes,



1.   The newsletter format shall be at the choice of the current newsletter editor.

2.   The newsletter shall not be used as a means of expressing any criticism of a person or persons, or to discuss any political comment or attitude.



1.     The cleaner shall receive an honorarium at a rate per hour as determined by the committee

2.     Reimbursement for kitchen and bar work performed for outside functions shall be as determined by the committee



1.   Each member of an entertainment group is entitled to free drinks excepting spirits during the hours in which the entertainment is being provided.



1.   Entry fees to Club functions will cease at 10.00pm. Guests will be admitted free after that time

2.   A price difference between members & non-members cost of entry to functions shall be determined by the committee

3.   Raffle tickets shall be sold at all functions



1.   Complaints by club members about any condition or event related to the club must be made in writing and submitted to the secretary who shall then present the complaint to the next committee meeting for consideration.

2.   Inspection of club books and documents as described in The Constitution is to be arranged with the Secretary or Treasurer, as appropriate, for a time suitable to both parties.

3.   Any member may attend a committee meeting. It must be remembered that they are unable to take part in discussion or make any comment unless invited. However they may ask questions, when invited, during General Business.

4.   Any member may present a problem or idea to the committee by giving formal notice to the Secretary at least two weeks prior to a committee meeting.

5.   Members providing free accommodation for visiting entertainers are entitled to have free admission to any function at which the entertainers are performing.

6.   Deleted Aug 2014 Committee Meeting(approved AGM 2014)

7.   a.   Notice of annual membership fees due on the 30th of June will be published in the May Newsletter, with a final warning in the August Newsletter.

     b.   If renewal of membership is not effected by the end of September, their names will be removed from the newsletter mailing list, their membership number removed from the membership lucky-draw barrel, and, being unfinancial, they will then be required to sign the visitors book if attending the club,

      c.    As required by law an unfinancial member remains on the membership register for 12 months after membership fees were due

8.    A member may sign in visitors as required

9.   Any Member expelled or suspended from Membership shall be barred from Club activities, and from the Club premises until such time as Membership may be reinstated,

10.  To qualify for the Members’ free Christmas party, Members must attend the AGM and at least one Club function per month. The monthly BBQ is a Club function\

11.   Guests that sign the Visitors Book be deemed Associate Members for the day of signing the Visitors Book (approved AGM 201



The dress code for the club is clean, relaxed, casual and informal attire but some head ware, rubber Beach Thongs, Singlet tops are not acceptable. (approved AGM 2014) 



1.   The Undergroups are an essential part of the Club, and must be seen to uphold the name of the Club at all times.

2.   Undergroups may come under three categories:

     a. Club helpers, ie., A Ladies Group whose main function is to raise funds for the Club through voluntary work.

     b. Culture Groups, ie., Folk dancing and choir.

     c. Interest Groups, ie., Skat, shooting and billiards.

The Club expects help and support from the Interest Groups, as long as they remain in a position to do so.

3.   Undergroup members, if non-Club members, shall be required to become members of the Club after ten visits.

4.  The Undergroups are entitled to levy a fee or subscription for the running of their activities, and are entitled to determine its use. They are allowed to raise money by holding raffles and functions.

5.   At the end of the financial year, Undergroups shall provide a brief report of their actives for the AGM.

6.   The Undergroups' installations, property, and activities are to be self-funded.

7.   If an Undergroup winds up, the equipment and monies shall be held in trust by the Club for future possible re-forming of the group. However, if the Club ceases operations, the Undergroup members shall have first option of purchase of the goods belonging to that group.

8.   At each Committee meeting, Undergroups may give a short report on their activities, either verbally or in writing.

9.   Each year, each Undergroup shall have an election of office-bearers, and the Committee shall be notified of the results.

10. The Undergroup Leader, if the last person to leave the club premises, shall check the security of the premises.

German-Austrian Australian Club (Wodonga) Inc. A0019325P   2013